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Complete Guide on Bad Thinking Diary & Manga, Manhwa, Chapter 1

All you Need to Know About Bad Thinking Diary.

Mangas have been on hit lists for most of the binge-watchers these days. One such of them is the “Bad Thinking Diary ” manga which is a fascinating fiction depicting the story of a disturbed immature lady’s expedition through the labyrinth of her sanity. She realizes solace in writing down her emotions and notions in a journal while she stumbles with tension, sorrow, and additional mental fitness complications.

Bad Thinking Diary is a Manhwa:

Bad Thinking Diar is a Manhwa written and exemplified by Park Dothan. It was publicized by Lezhin.

Go over “Bad Thinking Diar” if you appreciate manga that brings you to think intensely about the human situation. Nonetheless, it can be hard to understand where to discover all the branches of this engaging sequel, as there are numerous online outlets to select from.

Few of the vastly well-known sites orreadinging manga and webcomics are examined in this writing. If you’re a fan of Mangago or curious about attempting it out for the foremost time, we’ll suggest where you can go over the nap of “Bad Thinking.”

Bad Thinking Dairy Storyline:

The story of Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 1 starts with  Minji and Yuna, who have been best friends for a long time since high school, and Minji believes herself to be one of those lucky people she would meet somebody so lovely and kind-hearted like her in her life. They’ve been together, Min-Ji and Yu-Na. They’ve known each other since they were 17 and are inseparable companions even now that they’re 21. The relationship changes barely from day to day. Min-Ji started having crazy fantasies about Yu-Na. She just understands that when she eventually starts courting, she likes to be with somebody as incredible as Yuna. Everything appears flawless, but things begin to alter when Minji starts to attain dirty ambitions. ones starring Yuna herself. Minji chalks it up to her loneliness, but for justification, Yuna begins behaving strangely when Minji advises her about it.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 2 has been discharged. The buffs who were staying to go over chapter 2 of this sequel can go to any site for reading this branch of the manga sequel. This is the continuation of the first chapter and it is better thrilling than the last one. This is a love and drama sequence where a girl begins adoring her own best friend. Park Do-han has composed this unusual and fascinating comic. This is a must-read comic as it has an extremely thrilling and interactive tale. More chapters have been discharged by the publishers. Each chapter is extremely fascinating to read. 

Many Chapters of Bad Thinking Diar would be brought up due to the crater of the manga on people. The source Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 18 is going to be very interesting which will change the plot and there will be twists in the Chapters

Different Sites to Read Bad Thinking Diary:

Few of the vastly well-known sites for 

reading manga and webcomics are examined in this writing. If you’re a fan of manga or curious about attempting it out for the foremost time, we’ll suggest in the advice where you can go over the nap of “Bad Thinking Diar.”

  • Lezhin Comics

Lezhin Comics is a site and mobile application that hosts a mixture of webcomics for its anthologies to read, some of which are unrestricted while others need performers to go over inventories and bookmark their favourite comics, and the website features comics from an assortment of genres.

  • MangaBuddy

MangaBuddy is an Android application that provides admission to hundreds of manga magnitudes around many various classifications. Manga is a favorite archived for and put into personal reading lists, and users can sign up for chapter discharge alerts.

  • Mangakakalot

Mangakakalot. is a site that hosts an enormous database of manga toils in many distinct classifications. Users may create reading indexes and protect their favorite manga, and the site comprises other finished and continuing sequels.

  • Webtoons
  • Webtoon is a site that hosts a wide selection of webcomics from all around the world. The site contains comics from numerous distinct genres.

Some Recent Releases: Bad Thinking Dairy Chapter 57 Spoiler:

In Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 57, Yuna will create a jest in Minji for the shocking specialities she understood about her. Things have been wonderfully stunning since she Isn’t anticipating Minji to hold such things.

They’ve been living jointly in mutual gratitude and devotion for some time now. The truth that we’ve earned it through several chapters devoid of drama or suspicion is a tiny unsettling.

This stillness could symbolize only things such as: 

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 54 Either it’s a moment for bed or nobody’s residence. On the other hand, the season-ending could provide us with an unexpected twist. Given the size of time the manhwa has existed, the dual chance has greater importance.


In this article we have discussed the well known and interesting novel Bad thinking Diary manga that is a fictional story of an immature lady. Overall you might have got the knowledge about its storyline, publication, some chapters and also some of the platforms where you can reach to read this. The story holds several interesting twists and we recommend you to go for it if you have successfully understood the basics of this novel and got a summary of and explore more about it by choosing the best platform that you prefer for yourself. 

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