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Get the full guide to use the dashboard blooket

On the platform Blooket, educators and students can design and play interactive review and trivia games. The dashboard Blooket is a portal that gives users access to numerous website features and options. This post will define Blooket Dashboard and describe how to use blooket join efficiently.

What are the Features of dashboard Blooket ?

The dashboard blooket features a number of areas that let you carry out various actions. Here are a few examples:

  • Solo:- You can engage in a solo game in this section. By responding to questions from various themes and categories, you may put your abilities and knowledge to the test. By playing solo games, you may also gain money and XP.
  • My Sets:- View and modify your personal question sets in this section. You can import sets from Quizlet or Google Forms or build new ones by clicking the plus symbol. Additionally, you have the option of editing, deleting, duplicating, or sharing your settings.
  • Discover:- You can browse and use question sets made by other users in this section. Sets can be found using keyword, subject, grade, or popularity searches. The results can also be filtered by difficulty, language, and game mode. Any collection you choose is available for viewing, playback, or copying.
  • News:- The newest upgrades and blooket announcements are displayed in this area. You can get information on the platform’s newest features, game types, boxes, or events. Additional advice on how to utilise Blooket efficiently is available.

How to Use Blooket’s Dashboard? 

You must sign into blooket in order to view the dashboard blooket . You can register for free using your email address, Google account, or Clever account. You may access the dashboard by clicking the symbol in the top right corner of the screen after logging in. The dashboard page will open up if you click on it.


The dashboard on Blooket is a practical and simple way to access the site’s different features and options. You can host, solo, watch, or perform your own sets without entering explore. You can also use it to keep up with the most recent blooket news and updates. Anyone who wishes to use blooket for entertainment and learning must have a dashboard blooket .

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