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Get to know all the features of secretly cultivate for a thousand years manga free

A well-liked series by Star Club, secretly cultivate for a thousand years, manga free chronicles the exploits of Han Jue, a man with a unique talent who is reincarnated in a cultivation world. In this universe, one’s fate and talent are determined by one’s the secret bedroom of a dejected royal daughter spoilers potential and connate providence, which he can reroll. To check his status and accomplishments, he can also use a system-like interface.

Plot construction:

Han Jue makes the decision to practise low-key cultivation in an effort to live a long life and stay out of trouble. He poses as a poor cultivator while really being a man of tremendous strength and identity. Along the route, he also gathers various loot and resources, including drugs, weapons, skills, and even attractive women.

The immortals, who argue that the world of the mortals is tainted and chaotic, begin to purge it, upsetting his tranquil existence. Han Jue comes to the realisation that he must take action because he can no longer hide. He realises that the immortals are not as strong as they appear, and that with his elite providence and covert cultivation, he has a chance to overthrow them.

  • If you have a keen interest in exploring the hidden realms of clandestine secretly cultivate for a thousand years chapter 23 is your gateway to unraveling the veil of secrecy surrounding this age-old practice, delving into its captivating historical secrets!


Action, humour, romance, fantasy, and more genres are all included in the secretly cultivate for a thousand years manga free. Various historical sects, mythological creatures, celestial regions, and demonic lands are among the characters and settings featured in it. The vivid scenes are depicted through the colourful, detailed painting style. Readers will not want to put this book down because of the thrilling and fast-paced plot.


Numerous readers have given the manhua favourable reviews, praising its quality, creativity, and humour. It received high marks from Anime-Planet (4.22 out of 5), and ZINMANGA (4.1 out of 5). As one of the best cultivation stories, it has also received praise from a number of manga websites.


It is also appropriate for manga fans who enjoy humour, excitement, and harem themes. Over 100 chapters of the ongoing manga are accessible online.

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