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Complete Guide on Hac Humble ISD Login & Creating Your Home Access Center Account

What is Hac Humble?

Parents and guardians can access their children’s academic data, including grades, attendance, and assignments, using the HAC Humble portal, which is an online platform. The Humble Independent School District (Humble ISD) in Texas, USA, uses this web-based platform to enhance parent-teacher communication and keep families updated on their children’s academic progress. Humble ISD works to give pupils a high-quality education.

Using the account and password they were given by their child’s school, parents and guardians can access the HAC Humble portal. They can view their child’s grades, assignments, attendance, and other academic data once they’ve logged in. The HAC Humble portal is accessible from any device with an internet connection and is open twenty-four hours a day.

Humble ISD Overview

A school district called Humble Independent School District is situated in Humble, Texas, in the United States. The city of Humble is served by it. The present list of schools that comes under Humble ISD are:

  • 5 high schools
  • 1 magnet high schools
  • 7 middle schools
  • 25 elementary schools

Humble ISD is currently one of Texas’s fastest-growing school districts in the United States.

Steps to create a Home Access Centre account:

  • The requirements to create an account on Home Access Centre (HAC) are as follow:
  1. Be listed as the student’s guardian with the school. (Each student’s guardian is permitted to have a separate HAC account.)
  2. Have your child’s school maintain a current email address on file. The system won’t be able to send you a link to create your account’s password if you don’t have an email address available or if the address is entered incorrectly.

(Note:- Please speak with the school registrar to make the necessary changes before continuing to register a HAC account if you need to be designated as a guardian, modify or update your email address, or change the language of correspondence.)

Below we have mentioned the steps in which you can create the HAC account in easy way:

  1. You must register first.
  2. You can register by clicking the hyperlink.
  3. Afterwards, click the Register button after entering your First Name, Last Name, City, and Zip Code. The guardian information on your student’s enrolment application must match the information provided here. If the system finds any matching record then it displays a page asking about the username and 2 challenge questions, after answering them click on finish button.
  4. The system automatically sends an email to the email address the district has on file for you with a link that allows you to set a password.
  5. A confirmation page confirming that your temporary password will be issued via email to the email address on file with the school shows after this step is finished. Contact the registration office if you do not receive this email to ensure that the email address on your student’s contact page is correct.
  6. Click the email’s link. Give the right response to your challenge question, then press the Continue button.
  7. Put in and verify your password. Case matters when using a password. Select “Continue” from the menu.
  8. You will be logged in automatically to the Home Access Centre where you can see your student’s schedule, attendance record, and completed assignments. There is a link in the menu that leads to the HAC user manual.

For HAC Humble Account login

  1. Log in to Online Student Enrolment.
  2. Click on the New Application button to enroll a new student. Please save the application within 90 minutes otherwise the session will time out and information will not be saved.
  3. Select “New Student Enrolment” from the pull-down list and click on the Go button.
  4. Fill appropriate information for new student
  5. Choose the right school year
  6. Fill in the student’s address information.
  7. Due to possible session timeouts, it’s recommended that you’ve completed the required additional details.
  8. You can provide answers to student health inventory questions, military and parenting questions.
  9. Enter name next to each detail to get your attention.
  10. Click the Add Contact button.
  11. Fill out the address and phone information of parents, legal guardians, and emergency contacts.
  12. Once a contact is added, you can edit their information and adjust their preferences.
  13. Return to the Student Health section. Fill out the Health Question Explanation with the school nurse’s details. save application
  14. You can accept terms and conditions to acknowledge that you are just a parent of students.
  15. Click on the submit button to share your application to the school.
  16. Once you’ve submitted the online enrollment application, you can visit student’s campus to finalise process
  17. Note: If you have just created a profile account you will be automatically redirected to the new application screen and will not need to log in.

How to Access HAC?

Users can see a sidebar menu bar on the left side of the screen. On the menu bar they can click on various links to access the page listed there. 

Note: If the users have only one student or only elementary school students are there, then the different sections won’t be visible to them. 

Below we have mentioned some of the options which are present on the sidebar menu:

Daily Summary: This option is the first option present on the menu bar. This option is highly useful for elementary students and users can click on the link to view the whole daily summary.

Schedule: This option is available for secondary students, users can click on this on the side menu bar to video the current schedule of any students.

Attendance: You can access this link to view the attendance and tardies record of the student.

Note: In case the student hasn’t missed any lecture or made any tardies then nothing will appear in the link.

Classwork: Click on this option to view the classwork and grades allotted to the student. If the users scroll down the page then it will allow them to view if any teacher has entered assignment and grades for the particular student.

Features and benefits of HAC

You will have access to a number of features and advantages after you have successfully signed into the HAC Humble site, which are as follows:

  • Grades and Assignments: Review your grade for each assignment, each exam, and the final course grade. Keep track of impending tasks and due dates.
  • Attendance Records: Keep an eye on your child’s attendance records to make sure they are showing up to school on a regular basis.
  • Calendars and Schedules: Consult essential school dates, exam dates, and class calendars to efficiently arrange your child’s academic activities.
  • Communication Channels: Use the gateway to communicate with teachers, administrators, and other members of the school staff, making collaboration and support simple.
  • Tracking Progress: Keep tabs on your child’s intellectual development and point out any areas that need more work.
  • Scheduling parent-teacher conferences: Some Humble HAC portals provide an easy way to organise parent-teacher conferences online.

Troubleshooting and support

Contact My Humble ISD’s technical support staff if you experience any issues utilising the Home Access Centre Humble. They can help you with any technical issues, account recovery, or login problems.


Parents can contact with their child’s teachers and keep track of their child’s academic progress by using the HAC Humble portal. By enabling them to check their grades and assignments and monitor their development towards their academic objectives, it also encourages students to take ownership of their learning. 

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