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The Legend of Hanuman Season 3: Web Series Watch Online at Disney+ Hotstar in 2023

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3?

Lord Hanuman is someone the world likes to follow and especially in India as he is a great God and Bhakta of Lord Ram, who is the Supreme God in Sanatana Dharma. It is a story about him that Hotstar, an OTT platform in India does show. This does show big of an event it is as Hanuman is someone who gives hope to a lot of many people all over the world. This does make kids sit down and know the fact how great Hanuman is.

 As per the text of Ramayana, Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva as he came to serve his Lord Ram. Actually, both Ram and Shiv see each other as their Lord. Hence, Shiva came in the form of Hanuman to help Lord Ram in his divine pastime. This is what makes this story epic. Lord Hanuman is someone who is making an impact till now in the age of Kali and helping people to know about the glories of Lord Ram.

What Happens on Season 3?

In Legend Of Hanuman Season 3, they have shown Hanuman meeting his Lord Ram who was in search of his wife Goddess Sita. Ravan did take Sita Mata away from Ram ji and kept the Goddess Sita in Lanka. Hence, in this season one would see Hanuman finding that his Mother Sita is in Lanka. Hence, he did fly out the ocean and lets Mother Sita know that Lord Ram is coming to take him from the power of Ravan.

Then he did meet Ravan and burn his Lanka which was made of Gold from this tail. After that he went back to Lord Ram and told him that Mother Sita is in Lanka. After that the story of creating a stone bridge at the ocean takes place where Hanuman ji helps in laying the stone where every stone had the name of Lord Ram and it is the reason these stones were floating on the water, which is not possible otherwise, But it is the power of Lord Ram that he can make impossible look possible in just a blink of an eye.

The season will also see the amazon power of Lord Hanuman and let kids in India know that they have a real superhero unlike Superman or Batman. This is what makes this story great for kids and even adults are taking keen interest as the story has been made with create care.

The Legend of Hanuman Season 3 Download:

The legend of Hanuman Season 3 is one of the renowned web series in India. The first and second season of this series is available on Disney+ Hotstar. Hence, it is expected that the third season will also be released on Disney+ Hotstar. For user engagement and their ease of accessing the story. First and second seasons of this web series have been popular across the globe. With its originality and creative building the series has gained a lot of attention from the audiences. 

Previously, the two seasons had 13 episodes each. Most probably, this season is also expected to have 13 episodes to stream the complete story.

Where to Watch the Legend of Hanuman:

Audiences can watch the legend of hanuman through Disney+ Hotstar. The first season premiered on this platform in 2021 while the second was in 2022. The audience has appreciated and loved the episodes. Children are always looking for interesting animated shows and The Legend of Hanuman is one of them. However, the legend of Hanuman season 3 release date has not been out yet. But, it is expectedly to be released by the end of this year. People can watch this season of The legend of Hanuman on Disney+ Hotstar only. Even with more realistic animations and heart touching stories. This season will contain the end of Raavana. How the vaanar sena and Lord Rama, Lord Laxman, and Lord Hanuman built Ram Setu. Later, Lord Rama killed Ravana who kidnapped Maa Sita. To watch this widely popular season, audience can stream it through Hotstar.


These are the all things that one would see at Legend Of Hanuman Season 3. Hence, it is another chance for the parents to let kids watch greatness of a devotee of God, who can do anything to serve his master. Hence, it gives a look of good winning over evil. This is what makes the third season the most fun and excited to watch as it does have all the glories that makes the name of Hanuman shine all over the world and mainly many parts of India in the very best way.  

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