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World’s biggest tech giant company Apple Inc. is planning to jump into the automobile market. previously there were rumours that Apple will launch its fully automatic electric car by 2025 with a price over $ 120,000. but now it is predicted that the Apple car will be launched by 2026 and its price will be less than $ 100,000 .

This is according to Bloomberg’s report. This report said Apple Inc. will no longer plan to launch a fully automatic vehicle. But the Apple car will be a semi-automatic car, which means that the Apple car will have a steering wheel and pedals like other electric and IC engine cars.

The report says that Apple cars will have self-driving capabilities, like many other cars with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) feature, but only on highways. Report says that Apple Inc. currently plans to develop an auto drive technology which allows drivers to do other tasks while driving like – Watching movies or web series, playing games. But only on freeways and this technology will also be able to alert drivers to switch over manual control if they reach city streets or encounter adverse weather conditions. 

Even that level of autonomy seems very dangerous, and invites many questions in general public minds like – What should be the legal procedure when an Apple Car gets in an accident during Auto drive mode. Whether legal procedure should start against the driver or against the Company.

This feature would first launch in the USA and then expand to other parts of the world when it improves.   Here are some other Highlights about Apple’s upcoming car.

Key Highlights of Apple Car:

  • Apple car Launch date: Previously it was predicted that Apple car will be launched in 2025, but now it is predicted for 2026
  • Semi-Automatic: Apple cars will not come with fully automatic mode, but with semi-automatic mode. Which means that self-drive mode will be available on highways. and steering wheel and pedals will also be available in this car to drive in City areas.  
  • Price: Previously the expected price of an Apple car was over $ 120,000 but now the expected price is less than $ 100,000. Which would be the same in comparison with other luxury electric cars like Tesla, Mercedes, BMW etc. 
  • Technology: Apple Inc. team is currently working on developing a new advanced technology which would be differ from ADAS. Reports say that the Apple car will come with an onboard supercomputer, which will be more powerful than any other high end mac computer. 
  • Apple Car vs Tesla: Tesla self-drive electric cars are supposed to rely on onboard cameras. but Apple cars are expected to come with other advanced technologies also like – SONAR, RADAR etc. 
  • Design: Reports say that the Apple Inc. team is working on a different design, which is not settled yet. but design will be confirmed by this year, and all other details will be finalized by the end of 2024. 

What will be the Future For Apple Car?

According to The Apple car was expected to launch by 2025 but now it is delayed to 2026 and this is also not confirmed. Launch date of the Apple car may be delayed further. According to reports Ulrich Kranz who was ex-CEO of Canoo Inc. is leading the design team alone. And Stuart Bowers who was ex-tesla manager is handling the software development team. There are about 1,000 employees in the Apple car team who are spread around the world. 

Apple Inc. is currently working on “Rocket Score” that boosts the Apple car’s automatic driving system. But the sad part is the founder of that group left Apple Inc. earlier this year. And he openly criticized Apple’s work from home push. He said that we can’t work efficiently with this work from home model. 

Final words:

So, as we discussed before, that Apple car will launch in 2026, is just a prediction. The actual date is not confirmed yet. And it may be possible that Apple Inc. will launch its first foldable iPhone before the Apple car. And this is not the only project which is facing delays, many other Apple’s projects like- Apple VR/AR headset etc. are facing delays. Because Inventing, Researching, Development takes time.

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