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If you are a sports enthusiast and want to know all the updated news about Sports all around the world then Sports Guru Pro Blog is the right platform for you. Sports guru pro blog will keep you updated on the sports like cricket which is so popular worldwide.

Ind vs Pakistan upcoming match news is trolling all around and people are curious to know about the latest updates. If you are looking for the latest news on the Ind and Pak team then this is the right platform to comprehend the right information.


In history, we all are aware that the first India vs Pakistan cricket was played in 1952 and India India won 9 for 46 in those matches. People always wait for this day to watch this match against Pakistan. As per the record, India has always won the match against Pakistan. 

In the Cricket World Cup match India has the highest number of records for the most number of runs. India has always given remarkable records and victories in Cricket.

Sports Guru Pro India vs Pak match has always been the favourite rival match among the people and it has crossed the blockbuster with more than 1 crore of viewers on TV. 

Cricket Rivalry between India -Pak:

The first India vs Pakistan cricket match was played in 1952 and India played a victory 55 times and Pakistan played victory 73 times in 132 ODI matches with India-Pakistan. However, in the Asia world cup, India won 15 matches, and Pakistan won 5 matches overall.  

The most recent match between India and Pakistan was played in October 2022 where India got the victory by 4 wickets. In the majority of the cases, India always achieved victory against the Pakistan team. The T20 world cup match with India and Pakistan in 2023 is expected to be a victory for India again.

Play Matches of Sports Guru Pro India vs Pak

The upcoming India vs Pakistan cricket match has been signified by all three sports forecasting websites to be hard to predict. India and Pakistan teams both have equal strengths and weaknesses and the competition becomes more interesting when they confront each other at the batter ground in the Ind Vs Pak match.

As we all know, India and Pakistan have a long and complicated history with each other, and they have always been a rivalry between the two countries. In the past, the two countries have fought three dangerous wars despite this, the India vs Pak match still has a great rivalry and competition worldwide. It’s been found that every Indian from any corner of the world cannot miss a single match between India and Pakistan.  India has always been dominant in international cricket, whereas Pakistani athletes have been more prosperous in other sports and activities.

This year’s World Cup is important for both countries. For India, it is their third World Cup appearance and they look forward to getting the victory. They are strong favourites to do so, but they will face some tough competition from Pakistan.

It’s been observed that the Pakistan team has made some big improvements over the past few years, and they are considered the strongest team now. In last year’s match, they successfully reached the semi-finals of the World Cup which predicted their best performance and the improvement from other matches they have played so far. Improvement is still going on and they also look forward to winning this match as India is doing so!

Well, now the biggest question is with both talented teams, who will be victorious in this upcoming match?

Many people have already predicted the victory for India. Since there is no doubt that India is almost the favorite and the best team worldwide. However, Pakistan is also giving a challenging comeback in the world cup this year with great improvement. Pakistan is a strong team, but people doubt believing the victory is in their favour when it comes to comforting this match against India on the International stage. We believe India will convincingly win the tournament this year, and achieve their long-awaited goal of winning a World Cup title.


Sports Guru Pro is a great platform for sports-enthusiastic people who are interested people who are curious to know about cricket and other sports. It provides full analysis, blogs, and the latest updates regarding sports from the aspects of expertise. Sports guru pro has all means to provide you with the right information and help you enhance your knowledge about sports activities. Being a beginner to become an expert in sports knowledge we will guide and help you in knowing everything. Indeed Guru Pro blog will be worth it for all sports enthusiasts.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I get all the updated news on the Ind vs Pak match on Sports Guru Pro?

Yes, We provide all the latest updates on the current upcoming match with Ind vs Pak on the Sports Guru Pro blog.

  1. Who will win this world cup match in 2023?

Most probably India is still expected to be the highest-rated team to get the victory this year too from the Pakistan team this year in this world cup 2023.

  1. Will India be able to defeat the Pakistan team in this World Cup match?

According to the people’s belief and the expectation from India is more than 80% to defeat the Pakistan team in this world cup match.

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