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What is the “shmunguss” category on Netflix?

The internet went viral searching what “shmunguss” means on netflix, people are frantically searching for this brand new category that has been claimed by a man on tiktok. Let us understand what the fuss about “shmunguss” is all about!

How did the “shmunguss” debate start?

All of this started when a man on tiktok posted a video about how he went to his girlfriend’s house and saw this “shmunguss” category on her Netflix account. This made him ultimately curious and he started filming his experience.

He talked about how he had never seen something like this and inquired to others watching the video saying, “hey guys, can someone tell me what these categories are?” 

People in the comments section of his tik tok were equally confused. The titles in the categories ranged from “The smugness king” to titles like “The shmunguss among us”,

He claimed to his girlfriend how this was possible and his girlfriend replied by saying, “I’m on a VPN” to which he replied,” A VPN into what?, another dimension?” and thus the “shmunguss” reaction began.

Internet reaction after the video was posted:

The internet made the video viral with almost 13 million views on the tiktok video were generated within a few days of it getting posted. The comments ranged from the video being fake to various conspiracy theories which were actually pretty hilarious. The comments section understood the assignment and passed the vibe check. Following are the reasons some of the people gave for explaining the “shmunguss” scene to make more sense of it:

  • A person said that they could not find any results about shmunguss when they searched about it online.
  • Someone jokes about how “I married a shmunguss” deserved a fourth season.
  • Another user claimed that “shmungus” is a category you get when you use VPN to access the global content, they said “Netflix created this category to tell you that they know what you are doing”
  • Another set of people referred to it as “interdimensional cable”, which is a reference to the RIck and Morty animated series.
  • Many people commented that they thought they were being gaslit into believing something that was not real.

What is the truth about shmunguss being real or fake?

So basically as reported by many reliable sources, “shmunguss” is in fact not a real category on netflix but a hoax video to create some drama and viral content on instagram. Despite it looking pretty legitimate on the video, the skeptics were right and shmunguss in not real.

@chanel.everything has been known to post such bizarre content from time to time so it was evident and suspicious when they launched the shmunguss merch within a few hours of the video getting viral.

“Shmunguss” was a very well crafted joke that was proved to be fake in the end, nevertheless it kept people entertained on the internet. Hats off to the creative mind behind this scenario!

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