Habiba Abdul-Jabbar: Bio, Net Worth, Family and Education

habiba abdul jabbar

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is a lady who is married to an NBA celebrity known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem is also a well-known NBA performer who recreated 20 seasons and won six NBA championships. He married Habiba, and then it ended in divorce. Habiba is the best fashion designer in the United States and an American. In this content, you can understand everything about Habiba Abdul-Jabbar in detail. Habiba was raised as a Christian and only became Islam because of her husband, Kareem. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar was studying her college when she was married to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Bio of Habiba Abdul-Jabbar:

Habiba Abdu-Jabbar is the best style innovator and ex-wife of the NBA professional Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The original name of Habiba was Janice brown, which changed after she married the former NBA player. Kareem is a Muslim, and Habiba is not a Muslim and converted to her husband’s religion and changed her name shortly. Habiba Abdul Jabbar was portrayed in winning time: the rise of the Lakers dynasty, a popular HBO series. This lady’s birthplace is unknown; some assume she would have been born in New York as her parents are from that area.

Physical Appearance:

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar weighs 55-56 kg, has a height of 165 cm, hair color, and eye color is dark brown. She looks more attractive and has curly hair. The physical appearance of Habiba Abdul Jabbar is good, and it is because she is a well-known fashion designer.


Habiba Abdul Jabbar matched Kareem on May 28, 1971, and evolved a mom to three kids. She became the mother of three children named Habiba, sultana, and Abdul-Jabbar jr., her son is an actor and was born on august 23, 1976. There is another son, namely Amir, who is with Kareem’s previous girlfriend, Cheryl piston. Kareem also got married again after a divorce from Habiba, and Habiba did not do it. Habiba lives a private life, and there is no news about the lady after getting spitted from her husband.


The childhood days of Habiba Abdul Jabbar are kept on the curtains, and education is there for you. The secret is maintained about Habiba Abdul Jabbar about her childhood days and where she was born. She also moved to California state university, Los Angeles, to follow her grade, successfully terminated her education, and graduated from there. This lady needs to reveal her graduation year; it is the only information given about her education in Habiba.

Professional Career:

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar struggled with four children and had to improve their lives excellently. She also works on different platforms and becomes an owner and designer at tutu glam. Habiba was an excellent event planner in various non-profit organizations for a long time, from Feb 1993 to Nov 2011. Then she also performed as a transracial adoption proficient from Feb 2008 to Oct 2012 at Vista del Mar. Habiba also worked as a fashion designer and has more interest in fashion design. These are the exciting things that you have to know about Habiba Abdul Jabbar’s professional career.

Relationship between Boyfriend and Girlfriend:

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar also has a second husband, Mr. Herbert, after getting a divorce from Kareem. As you know, Kareem has a lot of exposure on Social Media platforms, so personal information about his life is scarce. But Habiba is away from the public eye and does not want media interference in her life today. She married the person and had a child named Sean Herbert.

Married Life Husband and wife: 

Habiba’s marriage with Kareem is difficult, and Kareem thinks it will be difficult to enter into family life after getting married. That was the fact that leads to the divorce of these two people. The divorce was finalized in 1978, and they were separated in 1973. Kareem and Habiba Abdul-Jabbar got married and their union did not start in the most way because Habiba’s parents were not allowed into the mosque for the ceremony because they had more faith in Catholicism.

Kareem was a Muslim, Habiba became a Muslim, and her parents were not allowed to see her marriage after traveling from New York to Washington. This situation caused a severe problem in the marriage, and Kareem had to spend more years to make up for it. Another reason that led to the divorce was Kareem’s migraines, which developed from the Muslim community’s destabilization.

In a rival attack, he also lost his grains and six relatives of his mentor, calendar Hamas Abdul khalifs. His life was also threatened in 1977 by the Jewish defense league after khalifs, and his Hanafi group exacted revenge by kidnapping 132 people and holding them hostage for 38 hours.

Kareem last lived with his wife in 1973 and continued having kids until 1979. During that period, he started a relationship with Cheryl piston, which reportedly had his ear more than any of his teachers and friends. She also reportedly advised him to get a divorce from Habiba, and the split was official in 1978.

Awards and Achievements, Movies, Songs:

She is not famous and became more popular because of her husband Kareem, a professional basketball player. Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is not famous, has won no awards or achievements, has been in movies, and has sung songs. She is only famous because of her husband and had a spotlight when she married the NBA star in 1971.

Social Media:

However, Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is not active on the Social Media sites equally like his husband. She is not seen as a single one on any of the Social Media platforms, and she will only be in the family photos. Their photos are good to look at, and you will have a good feel while you look at their family. Her presence is not on Social Media sites; there are also fewer details about Habiba Abdul-Jabbar online. If you are more interested in knowing about her, you must deeply search online.

Net worth:

Habiba Abdul Jabbar’s net worth has yet to be revealed to the people who search about her on the net, and her husband Kareem has earned a considerable amount in his career as a professional basketball player. Kareem also has a net worth of $ 20 million, which helped him build his bank account effectively. Habiba, please do not take advantage of her husband’s money because they divorced in 1978. Her husband is also active on Instagram, with 958 thousand followers.


Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is the best lady, a top-notch fashion designer who also worked different jobs for their kids. She has four children and struggled with them and got a divorce from her husband. Then you also learn about her entire life by reading the above content, and it will be helpful for you to know about her effectively.

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Is Habiba Abdul-Jabbar a popular celebrity?

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar is not a celebrity like her husband, and he gained more popularity by becoming this person’s wife. So, she is less widespread than her spouse, and they have four kids.

Do Kareem and Habiba live happy life with their kids?

Kareem and Habiba do not live happy life and get divorced because of more issues in their marriage. They also do not talk to one another and live unhappy life.

Do Kareem and Habiba have married other people?

After the divorce, Kareem and Habiba get married to other people, and they live a life with them. Kareem married another lady, and Habiba married another person and lived happily.

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