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Miguel Cazarez Mora: Age, Height, Birthday, Parents & Net Worth

Miguel Cazarez Mora is a popular internet sensation with increasing followers on different social media platforms. Let us dive into all the details about him in this article. We’ll try to know about his personal life, career milestones, social media presence, modelling and other details.

Who is Miguel Cazarez Mora?

Miguel Cazarez Mora is an actor, social media star and a model, who was born on March 1, 2007, in Arizona, the United States, and he is of Mexican legacy. Growing up in a bilingual environment, he easily aced both English and Spanish, which would afterward demonstrate to be a profitable resource in his career. 

From a young age, Miguel was profoundly enthusiastic about movies and TV appearances, regularly investing hours observing his favourite performing artists on screen. He drew motivation from incredible figures within the film industry, including Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith. 

These preferred to be his role models and lighted his desire to seek a career in acting.

Physical Appearance

Miguel Cazarez Mora’s physical properties have played a critical part in his journey to fame. Standing at a medium stature of around 5 feet 3 inches and keeping up a fit body weight of around 50-55 kg, he has a charismatic presence. His long, black hair is a characterising feature, which he skillfully styles in different ways to reflect his special identity. 

Miguel’s dull brown eyes radiate profundity, warmth, and humour, captivating those who have the benefit of observing him perform. His overall appearance contributes to his status as an upcoming rising star with irrefutable charm.

Personal Life

At this stage in his career, Miguel is fundamentally committed to his acting and modelling interests, and he has chosen to keep his sentimental life private. He is known for keeping up neighbourly and proficient connections with his colleagues.

This has contributed to his favourable notoriety within the industry. His family remains a critical portion of his life, especially his mother, Wendy Cazarez Mora. He habitually recognizes and communicates warmth and appreciation through his social media presence.

Career Milestones

Miguel Cazares Mora’s impressive career started to require shape at an astoundingly youthful age. At 15 years old, he secured a critical part in the film “Black Phone,” coordinated by Scott Derrickson and including famous actor Ethan Hawke. In this film, Miguel depicted the character of Robin, the finest companion of the protagonist, who falls victim to a serial killer. 

“Black Phone” stamped Miguel’s beginning with critical film credit and left a permanent mark on his budding career. The film got critical approval, winning the Saturn Award for Best Scary Film and winning praise from film pundits. 

Miguel’s execution as Robin was broadly celebrated, setting his presence within the industry. Despite the early victory, Miguel remains devoted to his creation and appears no intention of abating down, making it clear that he is within the industry for the long haul.

Modelling and Music

Along with his acting career he has also been a part of moedling where he leverages his identity and appearance to show his moedling profession on multiple social media stages. He has displayed his flexibility of adjusting into diverse styles and looks in his modelling shots. 

Beyond his accomplishments in acting and modelling, Miguel Cazarez Mora is a multi-talented person who exceeds expectations as a performer. His uncommon guitar aptitudes have permitted him to make significant exhibitions and share his melodic energy and skill with his supporters. 

This viewpoint of his career includes profundity and flexibility to his now amazing portfolio. It is set to get him popularity in future.

Social Media Presence

Miguel has tackled the power of social media to associate with his audience and share his experiences. 

His official Instagram account, @official_miguelcazarezmora, boasts an amazing following of over 1.3 million fans. 

He has gained thousands of fan following on tiktok.

All social media accounts of him give a bit of knowledge about his professional life and this encourages his status as a rising star with numerous fan followings. 


In this article we have discussed about a famous personality, Miguel Cazarez Mora’s  who is a multitalented star who achieved his dreams in his youthful age. He came to be known because of his breakout part in “black pune ” he has gathered thousands of people with his charm and multifaceted abilities. 

As he continues to carve his way within the entertainment industry, it’s clear that the world can indeed expect more prominent accomplishments from this young and promising ability. Miguel Cazarez Mora could be a title that reverberates with those looking for motivation.

Not to miss is that his journey stands as a confirmation of the power of energy, hard work, and assurance in accomplishing one’s dreams.

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