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Historia Reiss: Age, Height, Weight, Father, Net Worth, Husband

Who is Historia Reiss?

Historia Reiss (at the start added as Krista Lenz) is a pinnacle individual within the anime/manga series attack on Titan. She is a normal supporting person of the tale and one of the primary protagonists of the Royal authorities’ arc, on the side of Levi Ackerman. Eren Yeager regains his feature because the protagonist within the succeeding arc.

Historia Reiss is voiced via Shiori Mikami (who moreover voiced lady Guan from the Dynasty Warriors collection) within the jap version of the anime, and by the use of Bryn Apprill inside the English model of the anime.


After Kenny kills her mom and tried to kill her whilst she changed into despite the fact that an infant because of her noble reputation, Rod Reiss (her father) averted their efforts by means of offering an opportunity association: that being, Historia can also disappear from the Reiss circle of relatives, and expect a contemporary day name and identity in advance than enlisting as a soldier, finally which means that they could no longer want to kill her. The squaddies agreed to this, and Rod Reiss then gave her the contemporary call and identity of “Krista Lenz”.

After she turns into queen, she profits a greater calm, mature, and charismatic nature. Like her Krista person, she though has a type aspect, mainly in the direction of orphans within the walls.


After the advent of the large Titan and the breaching of Wall Maria, Historia commenced her education in the army. Upon commencement she had placed 10th, a rank below Sasha Braus (this changed into due to Ymir giving her the spot).

After the breaching of Wall Rose, Historia wasn’t visible going into battle until trying to help Armin triumph over the dread of supposedly losing his buddy. She helped Mikasa and the possibility trainees retake the supply room whilst the rogue titan stored the alternative titans distracted. In her next appearance, she is visible showing her three-Dimensional Maneuver machine to the navy Police, who have been looking for the perpetrators of the killing of two captured titans, Sawney and Bean.

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