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Olives are one the most popular, healthy and widely consumed fruit. The fruit has its origins from the Mediterranean region. Where this fruit has been cultivated for thousands of years. According to, olives are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals and many other health benefits. However the fruit also has some side effects that you should keep in mind before consuming them. In this blog we will talk about all the benefits and side effects of olives.

All You Need to Know about Olives

Family Oleaceae includes the fruit of the olive.. This fruit is an edible part of the olive plant. You are able to eat the fruit raw or in a processed manner pickles, oil or any other products. as per,, Olive oil is widely used in the world and consists of many nutrient benefits. Either you can use this oil in baking, cooking, salad dressing or as a moisturizer for hair and skin.

Health Benefits of the Olives:

  • Olive oils are very good for the heart. The fruit contains acids like monounsaturated fatty acids that are able to lower your bad cholesterol and higher your good cholesterol. Monounsaturated fatty acids are also able to prevent blood clots, reduction in inflammation, lowering the risk of heart disease and risk of stroke. It is therefore suggested that you use olive oil on a regular basis. 
  • Olives are also beneficial for your skin. Olives are rich in Vitamin-e, which is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from oxidative damages which are caused by free radicals. Vitamin-E also moisturizes your skin, improves elasticity and reduces the aging signs. 
  • Olives are extensively beneficial for your eyes. It contains zeaxanthin and lutein, which are two carotenoids that prevent your eyes from UV rays and blue light. These carotenoids can also reduce macular degeneration and cataracts. This is a common eye disease that impairs vision.
  • Olives are good for your immune system also. Olives contain polyphenols, which is a compound of plants with properties like antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Polyphenols can fight off infections and adjust your immune system by giving a break to the growth of harmful viruses and bacteria. 
  • Olives are advantageous for your brain also. This fruit contains oleic acid, which is a type of MUFA which nourishes your brain cells and crosses the blood-brain barriers. The oleic acid is also beneficial for learning, memory, and functions of cognition by improving the communications between the neurons.

Side Effects of Olives:         

  • Olive oil may have allergic reactions. This fruit contains components like pollen or oil which is allergic to some peoples. The reactions can cause hives, swellings, itching, rashes, or a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. 
  • If you eat too many olives in just one time it may cause you stomach discomfort or diarrhea. This can be because of high fiber or fat content in the fruit or because of the presence of some compounds that can irritate the tract of digestion.
  • Olives also contain a great amount of additives and salts. Most of the olives are cured or processed with salts. Some of them are also processed with additives like vinegar, lye for enhancing their flavor and life span of the fruit.

Benefits of Olive Oil As Per

According to, Olive oil is a multipurpose oil that can be utilized for various purposes. The Hindi name of olives is Jaitun oil. The oil is extracted from the olives plant of olives, which is an origin plant of the Mediterranean region. Olive oil has a lot of benefits for hair, skin, nails and also uses this oil for salad dressing or cooking. The below are the some of the advantages of olive oil:

  • Olive oil improves acne and improves the overall health of the skin. The olive oil contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation and infection on the human skin. Olive oil also prevents clogged pores and balances the natural oil of the skin. 
  • Olive oil also fights aging by moisturizing the skin. Olive oil contains vitamins like Vitamin-E that oxidizes your skin and prevents radical damage and improves the overall elasticity of the skin. Olive oil also heals dry skin parts and skin which is cracked, especially on cuticles, heels and lips.
  • By nourishing the hair follicles and straightening the hair shaft it also keeps the hairs shiny and healthy. The oil also prevents split ends, dandruffs and reduces the hair loss. The oil acts as a natural conditioner and hydrates the hairs and softens them.
  • Without stripping off the natural moisture of the face it helps in removing the makeup and cleansing of the face  and it also dissolves oil and dirt. You can use olive oil for your make up removal and purifies the skin.

Olive Oil also Boosts Your Immunity |

According to, Olive oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that boosts immunity and reduces the risk of cancer. It also contains polyphenols that fights inflammation and adjusts the system of immunity. The oil also reduces the growth of cancer cells and prevents bowel and colon cancers.

Olive oil is also proven to be a natural beauty booster which is beneficial in various purposes. The oil is available in different grades depending upon the quality of the oil like pure, extra virgin, virgin, pomace and refined. The best quality of oil is considered to be extra virgin oil. It is considered best because it enhances your health and skin as it is the purest form of the oil and presents all the antioxidants and nutrients. You can store olive oil for up to 2 years in a cold and dark place.

Do Black Olives have the Same Nutrients as the Green Olives?  

Black olives are filled with nutrients, mouthwatering and packed with health benefits. Some of the benefits of including black olives in your diet are given below:

  • Black lives consist of monounsaturated fats, which are able to lower the bad cholesterol levels and improve the health of the heart.
  • Black olives are rich in Vitamin-E, an antioxidant that prevents your inflammation and cell damages. It also prevents cancer and skin aging.
  • Black olives also increase the fibers in your body, and aids in digestion.
  • It also lowers your blood pressure and keeps your stomach full for a longer time.
  • Black oil contains iron which is an essential component for transporting oxygen and increasing the count of red blood cells in your body.
  • Black olives also consist of inflammatory properties which help in reduction of symptoms like asthma, arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

How can the Consumption of Olives be Beneficial in Weight Loss?

Olive oil provides healthy fats and low-calorie density. According to, Olive  are also rich with antioxidants that protect your skin from inflammation and damage. As the olives are high in sodium and salt you should consume them according to your nutritional goal. For example, green or California olives have more sodium and Greek style olives have more phenols. So it depends upon your diet and nutritional intake.

What’s the Connection between Lemon Oil and Olive Oil?

Both of them are natural products that are very much healthy and can be used in your culinary use. Lemon oil is produced from the extracts of the Leon plant and citrus fruit. Lemon oil is rich in Vitamin-c, antioxidants and flavonoids. Olive oil can be produced from the extracts of ripped fruits of the oil which are rich in fatty acids like monounsaturated, phenols and vitamins like E and K.

You can use olive and lemon oil in many ways. By mixing olive and lemon oil you can make a homemade marinade or sauce for all your delicious dishes like pasta, salads and so on. You can also cleanse your gallbladder and liver by using them as a detox.

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